Course Introduction

God designed male and female to differentiate people from the beginning for a purpose. When male and female are brought together in a life-long covenant, or promise, we call it marriage. When male and female are brought together in other areas of life, we see the importance of male and female design there as well. Consider the word fusion. It is most commonly applied to the act of combining two substances, or items together, very often by the application of heat. Fusion cooking is essentially the marriage of one or more cooking traditions, techniques or disciplines to form an altogether different approach or finished dish. Genetic fusion is the beginning of the miracle of life, with the conception, or fusion, of the sperm (from the male) and egg (from the female) resulting in new life.

Different industries around the world include the concept of male and female combining including:

  • The electrical and mechanical trades where connectors or fasteners are designated male or female and create industry standards that all companies use.
  • The toy industry uses male and female in many places: Legos are plastic blocks that have male and female indentations.
  • In plumbing fittings, male international pipe (MIP) thread and the FIP denotes female international pipe thread.

What would it be like if someone decided suddenly to change male and female and determined the differentiation was no longer needed in these areas and many more in society? Well, confusion and that is indeed happening when it comes to people, but on a much larger scale with vastly more important consequences.

Male and Female in Scripture

Next, let’s review what Scripture says in the following article by Jeff Johnston, Culture and Policy Analyst for Focus on the Family