Q: Who is behind these courses?

A: The Legacy Institute is the lead editor and curator of the courses, using a collaboration of content offered freely by the list of contributors to help pastors in their important role.

Q: How is it free?

A: The Legacy Institute determined it would manage finding the necessary funding for creating, distributing and managing Legacy Classroom as a service to the church worldwide. Our Mission, Vision and Statement of Faith can be found HERE. We are grateful for our generous financial partners who have graciously given to this project.

Q: There are 8 courses, will there be more?

A: Yes, there will be more courses added and your access code will allow you to add them to your learning experience.

Q: Are there certificates of completion?

A: Yes, there will be a certificate of completion for each set of courses completed. For instance, the first 8 courses are considered the Foundation Courses. Each pastor will receive a certificate with his or her name on it in a pdf form once proof of completion has taken place.

Q: Are there other benefits to completing the course?

A: Yes, we have strategic partners who are offering special access throughout the courses such as:

  • Alliance Defending Freedom with legal support
  • SYMBIS discounts not found anywhere else
  • Viewing privileges for Unplanned the Movie and other similar movies.
  • Kingstone Comics is giving a deep discount to pastors for some of the best animated Bibles and stories illustrated by previous Marvel and DC comic artists and more!

Q: Is my information kept private?

A: Yes, we do not share your information with anyone.

Q: How long is the application process?

A: Monday through Friday applicants within the U.S. should receive a response within 48 hours. International applicants should plan for 1 week.

Q: How long does each course take?

A: Generally, each course takes about 5-8 hours depending on the course.

Q: Why does Legacy Classroom encourage Lead Pastors to be involved?

A: We ask that Lead Pastors be involved out of respect for their leadership as well as to protect the unity of their team. The purpose of these courses is to help pastors address emerging issues and the biggest challenges faced by churches everywhere. It is highly recommended that Lead Pastors learn alongside their team so they are equipped and united together with these new insights and decide, as a unified body, how they will utilize this life-changing information in their ministry.

Q: Why have your pastoral team go through these courses together?

A: The most beneficial way to process these simple, yet profound courses is to go through each course as a ministry team. Team unity and cohesion matter in ministry and on the hot button issues. Aligning with one another will strengthen your team and alleviate confusion. Each course takes about 5-8 hours of thoughtful processing. If you think of it this way, all 8 courses will take you about a week! If you did your own research and tried to tackle these issues as a team, it would likely take much longer and finding the most current information isn’t always possible. We have streamlined the process for you, bringing you the best and brightest experts to help you. We recommend doing one course every week, or every other week, to get your training done with the energy and synergy learning together offers. Once each course is completed, we recommend a team meeting to process course content together. This allows the Lead Teaching Pastor to process with the other pastors and team members. The natural outcome will be a unified approach as your team communicates and educates the families in your church. It will also give you time to process questions as well as any challenges, or personal issues, that come up. Once you review all the content and resources, your team will be able to manage any of the issues and care for your church family on a deeper level.

We encourage Lead Pastors to take these courses with their pastoral team by selecting the number of team members they would like to add on their own application. Once approved, each team member will have their own personal account and Lead Pastors will have access to their team’s progress for each course to help keep things moving forward in a timely manner.

We recognize scheduling can be challenging for Lead Pastors; however, creating time for these courses will bring enormous benefits. We can report that one pastor jumped in and completed the 8 courses in a two-week period of specific focus. The results are excellent! This pastor is now equipped and can access the information anytime for sermon prep. He is also now able to meet with his team as they process the ongoing courses in a timely manner in a schedule that works for everyone. The goal is to be equipped and united, and to have the latest information at everyone’s disposal.

For additional questions not answered in the FAQ section, email us at: info@Legacyclassroom.com