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Alliance Defending Freedom

ADF is one of the largest organizations defending biblical values. ADF’s Church Alliance offers legal help for churches at deeply discounted costs, and they are giving Legacy Classroom participants an additional 20% off!

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott and SYMBIS

SYMBIS is a leading assessment tool for pastors and counselors to use to prepare couples for successful marriages. The Parrotts are pleased to give Legacy Classroom participants an additional 10% off of the facilitator training.

The Legacy Institute

The Legacy Institute is providing Legacy Classroom courses to pastors at no cost and have many other resources for churches and families on all emerging issues, as well as a library of key topics to access for future learning.

Kingstone Comics

Kingstone Comics brings world-class illustrators from DC and Marvel together to create comics of the Bible, characters in the Bible and other powerful books. Kingstone is giving a 30% discount to participants of Legacy Classroom.

Unplanned, movie         

Abby Johnson believed in a woman's right to choose, until a life-changing experience turned her into an anti-abortion activist. This is her story. The Producers of Unplanned have given permission to include a private viewing of this powerful movie for Legacy Classroom participants.

The Heart of Man movie

The Heart of Man is a timeless tale of a father’s relentless pursuit of his son--interwoven with the interviews of top thought-leaders on brokenness, identity and shame. The writers and producers have given permission to include a private viewing of this powerful movie for Legacy Classroom participants.

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free sample from Course #1: Male and Female

Lesson Four: The Importance of the Body

Take a look at one topic from Lesson Four in our Male and Female course.

Is Sex Assigned at Birth?

Sex means either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions. So, is this acknowledged or assigned?

Watch the video and note the three key points in your note section. After the key point section, you will find a transcript of the video, which we recommend reading after watching the video to cement what you’ve seen and heard.

  1. A person’s sex is acknowledged, not assigned.
  2. Sex is determined by our reproductive system.
  3. Disorders of sexual development do not create new categories of sex.

“In my ministry, I work with couples in crisis every week. Until I went through the Legacy Institute’s training, I had not noticed how many of those couples were dealing with a blended family situation. The training helped me not only to see that blended families come with their own unique challenges, but it gave me resources to help them overcome those challenges effectively.”

Dan Metteer
Family Life Pastor, Eastridge Church

“The challenges that a fallen and sinful world and its culture bring before the Church today are nothing new. However, their packaging may look different. Legacy Classroom equips pastors with practical and biblical tools to address the hurdles that their congregations face today by returning to the nature of God and His design for creation.” 

Jeremiah Campbell, D.Min. 
Lead Pastor, The Church at Maltby & Monroe 

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